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B&T White is able to supply complete plants for body and glaze preparation. The product range covers all the phases:

-          Reception and pre-treatment of raw materials;

-          Dosing, weighing and automatic supply to the mills;

-          Continuous and discontinuous grinding;

-          Turbo-dissolution of clays and body;

-          Storage and handling of body and glaze.

    • The discontinuous mills B&T White are predisposed for the grinding of glazes and all ceramic bodies for high productivity. Depending on the type of material to be treated, the mills can be equipped with different types of lining (rubber, silica, alumina), the grinding bodies are with silica or alumina. The product range ensures high performance, long life and low maintenance, with the following capabilities:

      - For the glaze: 500 to 12000 l, with fillers mainly in alumina;

      - For the dough: from 12000 to 44,000 l, with all types of lining and fillers.

      The electrical control panel is complete of electromechanical device for setting the grinding time and the logic of automatic stop at the end of the grinding:

    Turbo-blungers  are machines suitable for the rapid dissolving of the clayey materials and for the preparation of homogeneous mixtures with low percentage of water, high viscosity and high density. The blunger is composed of an impeller and turbine stator blades, manages to perfectly homogenize the material in a short time, 60 ÷ 90 minutes, comprising also the charging time of water and raw materials. Turbo-blungers are equipped with a shovel auxiliary with variable positioning on the shaft of the group melter, which favors mixing and homogenization of the mixture with the addition of raw materials and additives in powder form.


    SIZE TURBO BLUNGER     HSB 2500 HSB 5000 HSB 10000 HSB 16000
    Capacity   2,5 5 10 16
    Diameter D mm 1600 2200 3150 4000
    Depth P mm 1800 1910 2130 2250
    Motor with belt drive   kW 22 37 55 75
    Impeller diameter turbine Dt mm 710 1000 1400 1800
    Diameter impeller blades Dp mm 800 1100 1600 2000
    Speed   rpm 190 140 90 80
    Mouth to the load of solids Cm mm 500×500 700×700 710×710 800×800
    Length L mm 1800 2400 3350 4200
    Width W mm 1700 2350 3200 4050
    Height H mm 2500 2700 3000 3150
    Approximate weight   Kg 2700 3800 5500 7500