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The A.C.E. system represents the most advanced concept of high pressure casting for sanitary ware made with moulds from 4 to 7 parts. This is a fully automated cell, to which is entrusted the execution of the green finishing necessary before storage and following drying of the pieces. The cell is composed by:

  • Two Cubic high pressure casting machine for the production of WC or bidet;
  • Robotic system for demoulding and handling of the pieces;
  • Storage locations for the pieces, which can be passive or equipped with devices of pre-drying of the product;
  • Robotic system for automatic finishing, which performs all the finishing operations on the product, before the exit from the cell.


The A.C.E. system allows to automate some of the most critical phases of the production cycle, ensuring optimal results in terms of productivity, repeatability of performance and quality. A single operator can handle up to 4 cells, for a total of 8 casting machines. A.C.E. may, finally, be connected to the automatic storage and transport LAMP, for an integration of the technological process.



  • Flexibility: the system can be adapted to different production needs.

    Productivity:the special design allows higher productivity compared to the solutions currently available on the market.

    Scalability: the customer can decide the gradual investment: you can install in a first phase only the casting machines and then develop over time the entire automatic cell.


    MOULDS 4÷7 parts
    PRODUCTIVITY up to 296 pcs/day