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Vertical casting machine with horizontal demoulding

The VCM machine is dedicated to the large dimensions  products  casting  by two-part moulds, with semi-automatic horizontal demoulding.

The main advantages offered by VCM are listed below.

  • Machine configuration with vertical moulds allows a high density production, while the horizontal demoulding performed by the manipulator ensures proper handling of the pieces and consequently reduces deformations.
  • The semi-automatic demoulder allows to complete the demoulding and positioning of pieces on cars in just 60 seconds. A single operator can handle up to 120 moulds.
  • Maximum flexibility: Products and different casting cycles  set every 60 moulds, or on each battery.
  • The machine is designed expressly for the production of large dimensions products  (max 1500 mm). For products of lower dimensions is possible to work with double cavity moulds, doubling the productivity of the machine with the same installation and number of employees.
  • Products: console, shower trays, turkish toilets and washbasins with 2-cavities moulds

    • Independent production every 60 moulds
    • For the production of shower trays, the machine allows to effect  two castings per day with no additional drying equipment.

  • Capacity of the casting bench: 60-120 shower trays moulds
      40-80 console moulds
    Fired product max.dimansions :  
    width 1400 mm
    height 1000 mm
    Table size (120 moulds):  
    length 42 m
    width 4,7 m
    height 3,2 m
    Rated productivity 1 cycle/shift
    Operators needed for each shift 1








  •  The VCM casting machine is particularly suitable for the production of large articles such as shower trays, washbasins and design consoles  in Fine Fireclay.