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Macchina Universal casting machine for WC and bidet with moulds from 4 to 7 parts

UCM is an innovative, high-tech machine for the traditional casting of all kinds of toilet and bidet with moulds in several parts, including One Piece and stuck-on rim WC (version UCM-R). The machine is designed specially to solve the main problems associated with this type of production, optimizing the performance in terms of production and quality and dramatically reducing the amount of scraps.

The main advantages offered by UCM are:

  • The moulds support system, with the possibility of lifting and rotation to 360 °, optimizes the casting, emptying, finishing and demoulding operations, each in any desired position, with advantages both for the product and for the operator. The rotation system also prevents lateral pieces deformations.
  • In the stuck-on rim version, the coupling of the rim is carried out by mould-to-mould  translation, ensuring the optimum coupling between the surfaces, without deformations.
  • The flexibility of the machine allows the simplified development of moulds and models.  Is also possible to work with models developed for any other machines type.
  • Complete automation of the production cycle.
  • Maximum flexibility: different Products and casting cycles set every 8 moulds. A complete mould can be replaced in only 25 minutes.
  • The machine is designed expressly for the production of design models, in particular those involving the major production difficulties.
  • Prodotti:

    • all kinds of WC and bidet
    • Moulds drier pre-arrangement
    • Independent production every 8 moulds

  • modules 8 moulds
    Module dimensions:  
    length 10,6 m
    width 2,3 m
    height 2,6 m
    Rated productivity 1 cycle/shift
    Operators needed for each shift



  • UCM and UCM-R machines are particularly suitable for the casting of complex design WC and to minimize operator intervention on the production cycle.