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Universal casting machine for WC with 3-parts moulds and washbasins

The machine HCM is particularly indicated for suspended WC and bidet casting, with moulds in 3 parts. The machine is designed properly to solve the main problems connected to this type of production, optimizing the efficiency in terms of production, quality and reducing drastically the quantity of scraps.

The main advantages of HCM machine are the following:

  • the machine is complete with a system for moulds supporting able to displace them in height and to rotate them of 270°, optimizing the following operations: casting, emptying, finishing and demoulding, each one in the desired position. The rotating system configuration, also, avoid possible lateral deformations of the piece.
  • The machine works with moulds up to 3 parts, in which foot and lateral parts are joint in order to form the so-called “shelf”, and the rotating system makes easy the operations of model and mould definition.
  • Complete automation of the production cycle.
  • Maximum flexibility: different products and casting cycles settable every 10 moulds.
  • It is possible to exploit the machine also for horizontal casting and demoulding through moulds in 2 parts, such as for example decor washbasins and squat toilet, with particular technologic and modellery needs.
  • Products:

    • Wc and bidet with shelf mould, washbasin, squat toilets, laundry-basins.
    • Pre-arrangement for mould drying.
    • Independent production every 10 moulds.

  • Module   10 moulds
    Dimensions of single module    
    Length   12m
    Width   3,3m
    Height   3,5m
    Nominal productivity   1 cycle/shift
    Necessary Operators/shift   1

  • The machine is especially designed for the production of design models, in particular those ones which involve the major productive difficulties.