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Shuttle kiln for sanitary ware firing and re-firing

The new FOCUS kiln has been designed with the objective of providing a machine that combined high specific productivity, flexibility and quality of the final product.

The new combustion plant, with additional burners in correspondence of higher floors, ensures the maximum temperature uniformity in the vertical direction, while the pulsation of the burners optimizes the temperature distribution on the section, also in the case of very wide kilns.

These measures, together with the use of a high performance regulation system, lead to a quality increase of the finished product and therefore with a lower amount of waste.

For these kilns are available heat recovery system for energy efficiency, for kilns or other users in the factory.

    • The shuttle kiln Focus is equipped with burners that have a very wide range of adjustments (5.000/250.000 Kcal /h) and allow to adjust the flue gas temperature mixing them with ambient air.
    • The kiln isolation is composed by ceramic fiber coated with ceramic material anchored to carpentry and it can be equipped with one or two doors, manual or automatic.
    • Particular attention has been given to the system of combustion with high velocity burners, which are supplied by two independent circuits of air; through this system, hot fumes can be entered into the kiln also at a temperature between 100 and 150 °C, working also like a dryer.

  • Width charge 4000 ÷ 6000 mm
    Usable height of charge 1060 ÷ 1700 mm
    Average load capacity of carriage 34 ÷ 110 pieces
    Kiln Capacity 20 ÷ 200 m³
    Burners 4 for each car + upper burner (for 2 or 3 floors kilns))

  • The kiln FOCUS is particularly suitable for firing and re-firing of sanitary ware installations up to 250,000pcs/year and for re-firing in larger systems, combined with the tunnel kiln for the first firing.

    FOCUS is also indicated for firing ceramic articles in general, not only sanitary ware.