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High pressure casting press for sanitary ware wirh moulds from 4 to 7 parts.

Cubic is an innovative high-pressure casting machine for the production of sanitary ware with moulds  from 4 to 7 parts.

Its configuration with a single mould,  together with the possibility to perform fast product changes, ensures the maximum production flexibility, in order to follow the  requirements  of the market in the best way possible.

The machine allows the production of open rim or stuck-on rim WC: the application of the rim is carried-out by coupling mould-to-mould, in order to eliminate the problems of deformation and sliding  of the parts.

The manipulation of the rim mould, realized by the robot enslaved to the machine, allows to perform a series of operations in masked time, optimizing and reducing the working cycles and increasing the productivity of the line.

The hydraulic closure system with proportional adjustment of the clamping force reduces the stress on the mould, prolonging its life and improving the quality of the casted pieces.

    • The innovative patented closing system ensures a uniform load on the mould and does not stress the machine structure. Closing devices, floating drawbars, oscillating brackets and independent actuators  ensure a good adaptability.
    • Pneumatic and hydraulic plants housed in the vertical upright,  in area protected from water and slip.
    • Hydraulic cylinders for  mould handling, situated in protected areas.
    • The machine can be equipped with a mechanical interface which allows a faster replacement of the moulds.

  • Mould  parts 4÷7
    Moulds standard size 760x850x1180 mm
    Inclination angle of the machine
    Max. casting pressure 15 bar
    Max. force of mould clamping 600 kN
    Opening stroke of mould lateral parts 1000 mm
    Opening stroke of mould upper part 1250 mm
    Production cycle (range) 14 ÷ 25 min
    Compressed air consumption at 15 bar 0,5 Nm³/cycle 0,4 Nm³/1’
    Compressed air consumption at 6 bar 8 Nm³/cycle2,7 Nm³/1’
    Installed electric power 15 kW