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Circle is the machine that will revolutionize the high pressure casting of sanitary articles made ​​with 2-parts moulds. Its special proprietary configuration, with several possible arrangements, guarantees high flexibility and maximum productivity. Its cyclical working configuration allows to change the current system of organization of High pressure casting dept.

Circle, compared to the solutions currently available on the market, presents an intermediate supporting structure that allows to “split” its functionality through the creation of two rings.

Circle can be integrated in various configurations:

  • Manual: moulds opening and demoulding completely manual or servo-assisted
  • Semi automatic: Automatic mould opening and demoulding manual or servo-assisted
  • Automatic: Automatic mould opening, demoulding  and unloading by robot.

All configurations can be equipped with semi-automatic moulds change.

The closure system with hydraulic proportional control of the clamping force reduces the stresses on the mould, prolonging its life and improving the quality of the castings.

    • Circle, in its standard configuration, is composed by 2 batteries of 7 moulds each.
    • Its particular configuration allows to separate operation of the two modules of  7 moulds each, with partial masking of the phases of demoulding and consequent increase of the production of more than 25% compared to the existing machines on the market.
    • A further increase in production derives from the possibility of replacing the moulds of a module while the other continues to produce.
    • Pneumatic and hydraulic plant are rationalized and placed in an area protected from water and slip.
    • Automatic rotation of the moulds is made ​​by powertrain integrated into the door frame moulds.
    • Semi-automatic replacing of moulds with shuttle robot hand by the operator.
    • Inserting of compression spacers between moulds (patented) with rotation controlled by the single actuator and minimum dimensions during the opening phase of the dies.

  • Parts moulds 2
    Standard moulds size 1000 x 1000 mm
    Tilt angle of machine
    Maximum pressure casting 15 bar
    Maximum force of moulds clamping 1.250 kN
    Maximum span of mould opening 1400mm
    Production cycle (range) 14 ÷ 25 min.
    Installed electric power 15 kW