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Continuous kiln for sanitary ware firing

The tunnel kiln PARCUS has been designed for high quality productions with the best possible energy efficiency.

The use of microporous insulating materials, the light vault made of cordierite with low thermal inertia, the cars with insulation made of  lightweight materials and fibers: are choices oriented to minimize thermal losses and consumptions.

The differentiate regulation, above and below the product to be fired,  allows to use only  the necessary heat, where needed;  the combustion air preheating, at last, helps to reduce furthermore the fuel consumption.

The flexibility and the wide range of adjustment allow the execution of firing or re-firig cycles, also simultaneously, for sanitary ware, tableware porcelain and third firing.

The quality of production is granted by the very low temperature variation in the section (± 5-7 ° C) and by the use of first choice materials.

The consumption of this type of kiln are extremely reduced: for medium productions and standard firing cycles the consumption are aprox.  1100 kcal/gross kg.


  • The lengths of tunnel kilns PARCUS are included between 60 and 140m, the widths are 2400/2750/3200/3600/4000mm and the loading heights are included from 800 to 1100mm.

    All air piping are made in stainless steel AISI 304 and all fans are equipped with double filter to allow the disassembling and the cleaning of the same filters, without risks on the quality of the product.

    The car insulation consists in a layer of cordierite blocks and another one of ceramic fiber, suitable for high temperature operating,  placed inside the perimeter of the blocks. This system gives to the cars the maximum strength and the maximum lightness and then allows minimum consumptions.

  • Useful  loading  width   2400÷4000 mm
    Useful  loading height   750÷1100 mm
    Average loading capacity of car   20÷32 pieces
    Burners   High density, 8 for each module

  • The continuous kiln PARCUS is particularly suitable for large-scale production, for both  firing, re-firing and  only first firing, combined with the intermittent kiln FOCUS.