Leading Technology for ceramics.


SUPERA®, the belt pressing integrated line for big slabs by SITI B&T, features many strengths now further improved in the new version SUPERA® HP: extra-flexibility on formats, with min-max thicknesses, neither flaws nor scraps thanks to patented innovations and the “tensionless device”; optimized productivity thanks to the use of the same bodies of the traditional glazed porcelain gres.

SUPERA® HP is a complete line which revolutionises the productive process to obtain traditional formats without using the mould, keeping high productive volumes and maximum flexibility, as well as aesthetic potentialities, unique in high thickness, from 3 to 30 mm. The “industrial revolution” is in the green cut, operated non-stop on the line longitudinally using discs by Diatex: a totally automised process which allows to produce in a flexible way a big variety of formats, to meet any demand. SUPERA® HP embraces the concepts of smart factory: it is in fact equipped with the bt-TUTOR supervisor software, which allows monitoring, data collection and plant check.

The consistent investment of SITI B&T in R&D allows SUPERA® HP to stand out thanks to many patented technologies: STS® Structure & Thickness for Slabs, which gives maximun control on the uniformity of the surface and a reduction of the risk of ensions, homogeneous pressing, uniform planarity; Start&Stop®, an energy on demand hydraulic unit which eliminates the downtime ensuring maximum efficiency and low energetic consumption per sqm; Movable Plates®, a forming system by containment of the raw materials and waste reduciton to a minimum.

SUPERA® HP has implemented the possibility of full body decoration and 3D superficial structures. The full thickness decorations allows to create unique surfaces with strong identity. The matter is re-invented with three-dimensional and “passsing-through” effects. This technology can create high-reliefs of extraordinary depth, up to 4 mm, and unparalleled definition.



SUPERA HP 18 ton
Size 120x240 cm
16.500 m2/day


SUPERA HP 20 ton
Size 120x270 cm
17.000 m2/day


SUPERA HP 25 ton
Size 120x360 cm
18.600 m2/day


SUPERA HP 36 ton
Size 160x320 cm
20.500 m2/day