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EVO 2808/1750

Hydraulic press EVO 2808/1750 was planned for pressing ceramic tiles with max. force of 2808 tons and span 1750.

Max. pressing force 2800/27,4 Tons/MN
Max. utilities circuits pressure 160/16 Bar/Mpa
Max. circuit pressure 350/35 Bar/Mpa
Distance between the columns 1750 mm
Max.bench-crossbeam distance 570 mm
Max.mobile crossbeam stroke 190.mm
Max.extraction force (Syncro) 16/0,15 Tons/MN
max.soft powder thickness 65mm
Number of lift thrust points 4
Number of pres strokes per cycle 1-2-3-4
Number of cycles/min up to 20 cicli/min
Quantity oh Hydraulic circuit oil 1100 Kg
Main motor power 90 kW
Press auxiliary services power 15 kW
Moduls heating power 20+20+4 Kva
Net weight (moduls not included) 57,6 Tons
Max.loading width 1550 mm