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EVOplotter DG 1400-700

EVOplotter DG 1400-700  a Inkjet digital printing machine with technology “drop on demand.

The ink is kept constantly in circulation through the print head, a battery of filters allows the ink to convey outside of anything that might obstruct the single nozzle (polluting particles, agglomerates and air bubbles), thus helping to maintain suspension avoiding and minimizing unnecessary production shutdowns.

Main characteristics:

  • 360 dpi printing resolution
  • possibility to set the size of the drop at 8 levels of grey
  • excellent printing quality

The standard used is four color printing (CMYK), while the electronics and the software have been implemented for using printing types of up to eight colors.

For a better performance have been specially designed:

  • electronic microcontroller
  • the control software with operator interface
  • mechanical user friendly
Number of colour bars 8
Printing area 700 X 1400 mm
Printing speed max 15 m/min at 360 dpi and 8 levels of grey
Print type: inkJet drop on demand
Brand and model of printheads XAAR 1001 GS6/GS12*
Axes movement: linear brushless motor with optical encoder and 0 play reduction unit
Head height and movement control: stepper motor
Motor control driver: programmable intelligent digital
Power supply 400VAC Single phase 50Hz + N + T
Power 3 kW
Filtered compressed air, min. 6 bar
Length: 2410 mm
Width: 2100 mm
Height: 1180 mm
Height of work surface 8000 mm
Weight 1000 kg
Bearing structure: mixed, painted carbon steel and
aisi 304 stainless steel
Surface structure: aluminium
Protective casing: polycarbonate and aisi 304 stainless steel
Electrical boards: painted carbon steel, protection level IP56/65
*PLUS version